Joe Lee King

Guitarist, singer and songwriter Joe Lee King

renews the best old school rock’n’roll, pop and

roots music values for the modern age. A master of the electric guitar,

he’s also an award-winning songwriter who knows just what hits listeners

where they live, feel and move from making his musical bones over many years

and countless miles playing most every stage on the Northeast club circuit.

Creating music “somewhere between the hook-heavy pop style of Tom Petty

and the gravelly frankness of Bob Dylan’s lyrics” as Musician’s Exchange observes,

King stresses the song, feel, soulfulness, lyrical literacy and live performance

showmanship as much as his formidable six-string skills.

Now living and making music in Austin, TX, he’s a natural fit in a city

known for both superior songwriting and great guitar playing.

He was awarded a 2009 SESAC Americana songwriting award

for a song he wrote with Colin Brooks, “Somebody Tell the Truth,”

recorded on the acclaimed Band of Heathens album One Foot in the Ether.



Tumbleweed Heart

Roll Like That

Love or Something Like It

Ghost Of A Chance